art101a video

I started classes this week for the semester, and it was fun! I brought my camera to school, but I kept forgetting to take it out of my backpack.

The first day of my digital video class started with this small assignment. We were brought into pairs and assigned to record ourselves leaving the classroom, picking a spot on campus, then heading back in 5 minutes.

The recorder had to change direction of the camera every 15 seconds. At 2:30, we were to mark the time by saying “smurf” in front of the camera.

…yeah idk

After, we played back everyone’s videos on our laptops at the same time. The end result was interesting. Here is me and my partner’s portion of our exciting walk to the student union.

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premier ballroom’s chinese new year party

Last Saturday, Premier Ballroom Studio held a dance showcase/celebration for the Chinese New Year. I met up with my friends to practice, but I didn’t expect to be attending the party that night. I ended up helping out a bit and taking a lot of cool photos, as well as spending time with my team. It was fun!

Premier Ballroom Studio’s website is here.


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winter break

I had a good break. Having school off for a month during the holidays feels good!


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25 photos of 2010

Some of my favorite pictures from last year:


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Hello, I’m Mirabel! I have been blogging and playing in the world of digital art and web design on and off on since 2005. I would like to share my photos, projects, artwork, and daily experiences here. Hope you enjoy! Please leave me a comment if you are my friend! =)

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