Sup! I’m in the middle of tackling the spring semester at school. I’m already nearing the end of my third year in college, and I’m starting to see the finish line in sight. Ideas about my future, my priorities, and the major projects I need to accomplish are finally starting to become more concrete in my head. My schedule is pretty packed this time around, but I have a couple of interesting art classes this semester, a better chance to be productive, and an opportunity to work as both a student assistant for school and an intern for a very awesome art+technology organization downtown!

Yay! Spring! The season of optimism and opportunity I guess!

I’m very excited. I’m suddenly very busy too, but it’s the enthusiastic-positive-feel-good kind of busy.

Just wanted to throw some random pictures of the things I’ve been up to.

First, flashback to 2-3 years ago, when I was a freshman. I made this small project as an assignment for one of my classes. Designed in Google Sketchup, transferred over to Pepakura, then printed and folded.

Years later, I revisited the same form for a project and developed it into a pattern. This pattern could then be transferred into different media, such as clay, fabric, paper, cardboard, etc:

Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted many pictures of the various things in my classes that I’ve been working on, but I’ll take more and put them up soon.

Well, other than school and work, I think I’ve been eating many sweets lately. Everyone’s been getting me sweets and cupcakes and such, and my dance team at school just recently had a very delicious bake sale.

But I am also continuing to work out a bit and dance it off.

More updates to come soon!

Sidenote: I’m thinking about changing the blog banner sometime.

March 9, 2012 - 12:51 pm | Comments