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The theme of this semester is games, games, games! I’ve been doing a lot of game related things in the past couple of months, both for academics and for my personal de-stressing time.

So, here’s a list of all the projects I’ve done and am still working on!

  • After soldering that thing from the previous post, it ended up being part of a project shown in the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial. It’s very cool to see in person!
  • A group exercise in my class. Copy/pasted from our project page:
    Each member of our group designed their own tiles and pieces inspired by the different parts of a fish: scales, fins, tails, etc. Using tessellation and slot/tab designs, we were able to make our pieces fit together in a system. These pieces can end up looking creating different kinds of 2D fish-like designs. We created both structural and decorative pieces.

    Some of our slot and tab designs did not exactly fit together as well as puzzle pieces would, but we allowed them to overlap each other to create an interesting and more flexible design. So we made fishies!

  • Random picture of me playing with the projector screens and webcams helping out the professor set up her class at work.
  • Another huge group project I’m still working on one of my classes- we are making a hybrid QR code / board game! It’s actually a drinking game, and it’s hilarious and super fun to play.

    idk if the pictures make sense, but it’s less confusing when it’s actually played in person. We’re still working on the website that will hold all of the content that the QR codes will link to. The final result will be cut on pretty and shiny acrylic. Stay tuned for the final result!

  • Also currently working on an interactive online web narrative as a final project in one of my classes. Pick a path, and your decision will be recorded on each page. It will be updated every Friday until December 13th. Please view it here.
  • I’m once again working on using Gamemaker in my game studies class! I’ve learned a lot more and have moved on from the D&D stuff and learning a bit of scripting- it’s difficult, but has opened up a lot of possibilities. Here is a preview of my final project, a top-down “escape the room” kind of game. I was told that the sprite dude I drew reminds people of Ash from Pokemon, and I don’t know how to feel about that yet.

    I might make it available for download here once it’s finished!

  • Lastly, here’s what I’ve been doing outside all of that schoolwork…

    I had the option, way back in the beginning of the semester, to pick one game for my Game Studies class and play it extensively, while writing session reports and analyzing the game. I picked Guild Wars 2 and ended up enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would!

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