post-summer plans

It’s been an eventful summer, but I’m back to being busy for school, work, and other responsibilities for my last year of college, yikes! Did some exercise, kept busy with gaming, took a few photos, went to a couple of jazz/swing concerts, and ate good food with good company.




wow, those watermarks are kinda ugly. need to fix that for next time!

My website went through some technical issues a couple of months ago, but hopefully that’s all sorted out by now. My plan is to keep up with the regular posting (again…), especially for this year, since I have some upcoming projects and other exciting things look forward to. I’m currently taking an online class about… online media (hah!), and I’d like to be better about documenting things. Also, it’s my last year at state and all, so I think it’ll be a good habit to keep.

Hope to share more stuff soon!

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