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My undergrad student life is coming to an end next year, and I’ve going through some thoughtful phases. I’ve been swamped a lot of academic articles, critiques, and such texts for school lately, but I’ve picked up some other readings for my personal enjoyment too. These books have been helping me cope with the intensity of being an anxious 20-something::


I usually carry one of these day-to-day! They’re not really epic novels or self-help texts, but I highly recommend books like these for light reading and a little introspection. If anyone’s interested in what’s been on my mind lately, here’s the list:

  • Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  • How to be Interesting by Jessica Hagy
  • The Last Girlfriend on Earth by Simon Rich
  • Dancers Among Us: A Celebration of Joy in the Everyday by Jordan Matter
  • The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Volume 1 by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Volume 2 by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • Rick Steves’ Paris 2013 by Rick Steves
  • The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing by Singer

I’m relearning and picking up my years of basic high school French again, because of my current goal to travel to a certain place next year… 🙂

Here’s some other stuff: my preordered Wind Waker HD bundle came in last week, and I’m enjoying it a lot. Ate delicious meat at a restaurant, and went on an outing to a lake.



super shiny!



cook your own meat, mmm



a warm day at the lake

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park(ing) day san jose 2013

Last Friday, my class participated in Park(ing) Day 2013 with a street art project- cardboard bowling in downtown San Jose!

parking day

Here’s a video of everyone’s awesome progress and work (you can hear me awkwardly talking at 4:28)

And our website!

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post-summer plans

It’s been an eventful summer, but I’m back to being busy for school, work, and other responsibilities for my last year of college, yikes! Did some exercise, kept busy with gaming, took a few photos, went to a couple of jazz/swing concerts, and ate good food with good company.




wow, those watermarks are kinda ugly. need to fix that for next time!

My website went through some technical issues a couple of months ago, but hopefully that’s all sorted out by now. My plan is to keep up with the regular posting (again…), especially for this year, since I have some upcoming projects and other exciting things look forward to. I’m currently taking an online class about… online media (hah!), and I’d like to be better about documenting things. Also, it’s my last year at state and all, so I think it’ll be a good habit to keep.

Hope to share more stuff soon!

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stereoscopic images!

Just for fun, here are a couple of 3D images done for a class assignment. If you have red/blue 3D glasses, the images will pop out at you!

art123 3d1 resizesart123 3d4

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update 2: mobile adventures!

More snippets of my personal life, along with a couple of jewelry projects for my metalsmithing class-

This a relatively simple silver ring and stone project. The silver was melted into a billet then hand-crafted, hammered, and shaped through a few processes until the below result!

The band is soldered onto the plate…



As you can see, my craftsmanship leaves much to be desired. Look at all those annoying scratches!!


The stone is finally set in place- not 100% clean and polished, but not bad for my first time either.


I am kind of proud of the soldering work on it, though.


Here is another silver ring project, but done with casting wax into any shape and style of ring we want. (I forgot to take pictures of my wax sculptings.. doh!)

Some of my leftover silver, ready to be melted down.



Didn’t take any pictures of the process, but here are the results. Obviously the forms still need much scrubbing/trimming/sanding/polishing, but I’m pretty excited for these to turn out nice! The first one is a simple twist band:


The second is for me. =)


The weather has been getting extra warm here lately, so it calls for some refreshing treats and breezy clothes.

My dance team at school has amazing bake sales.




One of my favorite restaurants in South San Francisco… yummy Filipino food!



Buko Pandan ice cream


Free Ben and Jerry’s Cone day!


And some frozen yogurt time with my friend.


Here is a summer/spring appropriate colorful dress. Found it in my closet and I forgot I had this! Oooo!




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