The last half of 2014 through the start of 2015 brought a lot of big changes as I navigated my identity in the Bay Area: a young female in the tech industry, a recently graduated digital art student, a start-up company worker, teacher, developer, hobbyist, artist… Being part of the working adult tech culture taught me a lot and built a lot of character, but I’m still hovering between being a practical worker in the Silicon Valley and being a creative independent artist. I feel it will be a lasting process- things in life change every moment!

I’ve been involved in a lot of photo and video related projects with friends and colleagues lately, and I’m excited to improve on my craftsmanship and share more work. My interest for creative web design and development, my original high-school hobby, is being sparked again- but I’m really behind on all the latest languages and technologies, so I have a lot of learning and hard work to catch up on.

I hope to continue working and presenting more of my projects!

April 23, 2015 - 11:39 am | Comments
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