weekly review july 15th – theme: rebuilding digital-dust

Inspired by a podcast from a developer who open-sourced weekly goals for herself and her projects, I wanted to start up a weekly review series on my blog! There’s a lot of stuff I’m hoping to finish and release by the end of summer, and I’m hoping maybe sharing some of these goals consistently will help keep the inspiration and motivation going.

This week’s theme: rebuilding digital-dust.net


  • Project digital-dust.net: Browser prototyping
  • Project digital-dust.net: Color scheme/fonts
  • Blog post: “Pace Gallery”
  • Dance focus: Samba and Jive technique
  • Dance focus: Conditioning, trying not to die

Next week’s theme: finishing digital-dust.net & preparing for dance competition


  • Project digital-dust.net: Finish design/images
  • Project digital-dust.net: Finish uploading content
  • Project digital-dust.net: Launch!
  • Blog post: “sketches and screenshots”
  • Start new project: Project Bear!
  • Start new project: Project blog redesign!
  • Dance focus: Refining Samba and Jive routines

This week’s links:

Great, that felt productive! Tomorrow I’m going to Six Flags. Yay!

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new web projects!


I’ve been working on another redesign for http://digital-dust.net, and I’m pretty excited to share it! I don’t like the way things were coded on it from last year, and parts of it are actually still unfinished/unrealized. I’m also trying to keep up with web standards, and figuring out cleaner and better methods in the overall design process. Bootstrap was a good start, but I’ve been researching and looking at a few different frameworks, as well as other CMS options.

I’m in the middle of getting wireframes done, and browser prototyping will start soon. Feeling a little noobish, as I’ve already gained a few lessons learned from this!

The wireframe!

Early sketches for an overhaul of this blog are in the works, too! This theme was hand made like… geez, 6 years ago? It’s due for a SERIOUS update, since my knowledge has definitely grown a bit, and this blog needs a few basic blog necessities like mobile responsiveness and other fun things I want to try in CSS.

There’s one more big project I’m looking forward to sharing by the end of summer- a collaboration that will be a little bit more public and business-y! Stay tuned!

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my current games list: zelda nostalgia, storytelling and more


With all the excitement of E3 and recent developments in the gaming world, it’s been a good time for me to get back into the hype and explore playing some titles again! Being an adult is tough sometimes, but this year has given me some time and space to enjoy outside activities outside of dance… For the first time in a long time, there’s suddenly of TON of new content I’m extremely excited for that has me feeling like a little kid again! I’m trying out new games and looking forward to upcoming ones!

Titles I’m currently playing:

  • Overwatch
  • Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void
  • Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Upcoming titles I’m looking forward to:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Death Stranding
  • South Park: Fractured But Whole
  • I Am Setsuna
  • Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice
  • Pokemon Moon

One of my favorite smaller studios, Crows Crows Crows (which is directed by the creator of The Stanley Parable!) is also on my radar for fun and upcoming projects!

I freaked out and even got a little emotional when Zelda was announced- but I’ll write more about feelings on that another day! Overall, I just wanted to share how incredibly excited I am by the writing, storytelling, and innovation all the games above are putting out!

Anyway, I have a backlog of projects and some exciting web/photo news I want to work on and share by the end of summer (yes, yes, I keep announcing this… but when does planning ever end?). Looking into other CMS platforms as well, and a redesign of a website or two. Look forward to it!


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2016 spring dance adventures!

2016 so far has been a challenging and exciting journey through the world of dance! It started off in January with new routines, new costumes, and new difficulty levels, and since then, things have been active and going strong!


My partner and I have come a long way since we both started dancing and competing together, but we still have so much more to improve on! Dancesport sometimes become tough on the mind, body and emotions, and the pressure to improve in ability and ranking feels high every time. The atmosphere, politics and culture surrounding the competitive ballroom environment sometimes become challenging. Doing my best to enjoy each lesson, practice, and event while reflecting on things that can be improved each time. It’s a work in progress.





This year, we had another opportunity to work and perform at FanimeCon’s Black & White Ball for Memorial Day weekend. It was such an incredibly fun and refreshing social event that helped ground and reset my thoughts and feelings after the spring season full of competitive events, and reminded me of all the other aspects of dance that I enjoyed. It’s a great feeling bringing joy and entertainment to friends, attendees and watchers, hoping they will also catch the dance bug and be inspired to learn ballroom!



We are continuing to practice throughout the summer, and hope to be back on the competition floor in July for International Grand Ball! There are more goals for travel next year that we hope to reach as well. Other than that, I’ll share videos and write up a longer post focused on the recent FanimeCon weekend soon! And outside of dance, there have been a lot of exciting work projects and photo gigs happening lately that I’m pretty excited to share. Stay tuned!


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conventions and conferences! – svcc and 16ntc

Back in mid-March, I spent a lot of time at the San Jose Convention Center downtown for two awesomely-nerdy events: the first annual Silicon Valley Comic Con, and the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference right after! I loved both of these events in different ways, and I wanted to write about and share these experiences here (photos from DSLR + smartphone, heads-up for varying quality)!




We spent only 1 day at SVCC (Saturday), but will definitely spend the whole weekend next year for sure! We attended Opening Ceremonies by Steve Wozniak, got to see the Jeremy Renner spotlight (seeing his handsome angry resting face in person was awesome <3), checked out a lot of great exhibits and art, saw a brief glimpse of Stan Lee’s head, and ended the night with dinner with a friend and a Super Soul Bros. concert!


The Woz’s wax figurine unveiling!


Jeremy Renner- squee




Captain Bae-merica


It was a lot of fun, albeit quite a bit more crowded than expected for the first year(with the experience of Fanime crowds though, it wasn’t too difficult to navigate). The BF and I were very lucky to grab our wristbands ahead of time, and thus entirely avoided the massively epic linecon that wrapped around the center.


I’m looking forward to seeing how the event grows in the next few years, and how they’ll improve upon the first… and of course, getting the chance to see more celebrities in my hometown!!

Just a couple of days later was the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference in the same location, so I swapped my Captain America T-shirt and hairbow wings and out for Silicon Valley start-up fashion of business casual jeans-and-blazer. It’s my first work-based conference, so I was excited. The world of technology in nonprofits is fascinating, and I was looking forward to learning many new things to bring back to my own workplace.






There was so much to learn at 16NTC. I was super grateful to see passionate people and professionals from different cultures, interests, and knowledge in my hometown. The panels and speakers were informative, diverse, educational and engaging… I nerded out so hard each day, wondering which session I should attend from the 100+ choices offered throughout the week. It was a geek/philanthropy heaven come true, and reaffirmed how grateful I am to be working at a place I love for a great cause. I also think that week was the most I ever tweeted in a single timespan, ever.



Great sessions by amazing panelists


So many interesting topics.


Buttons collected throughout the week!



Of course, like any other awesome convention/conference… free swag


I learned so, so much about digital communications, WordPress, Google Analytics/Adwords/things, nonprofit, content, etc… so many notes were taken that I’m still trying to compile and reflect on them even now!!

These events have been an excellent experience, intersecting everything I love into one place- comics, culture, tech, philanthropy. All this convention time has been a great warmup to the craziness of FanimeCon, which is happening pretty soon! Work has been blowing up with exciting news, competition season has been rough and busy. It’s been challenging to prepare for BW Ball again with our recent competition lineup, but… I’m really excited to dance for it again!

We’ve got something fun in store for a showcase routine at ball this year-these recent experiences have shown that there’s nothing better than combining something geeky with something unexpected, like ballroom dancing… 😉  Stay tuned!

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