weekly review july 15th – theme: rebuilding digital-dust

Inspired by a podcast from a developer who open-sourced weekly goals for herself and her projects, I wanted to start up a weekly review series on my blog! There’s a lot of stuff I’m hoping to finish and release by the end of summer, and I’m hoping maybe sharing some of these goals consistently will help keep the inspiration and motivation going.

This week’s theme: rebuilding digital-dust.net


  • Project digital-dust.net: Browser prototyping
  • Project digital-dust.net: Color scheme/fonts
  • Blog post: “Pace Gallery”
  • Dance focus: Samba and Jive technique
  • Dance focus: Conditioning, trying not to die

Next week’s theme: finishing digital-dust.net & preparing for dance competition


  • Project digital-dust.net: Finish design/images
  • Project digital-dust.net: Finish uploading content
  • Project digital-dust.net: Launch!
  • Blog post: “sketches and screenshots”
  • Start new project: Project Bear!
  • Start new project: Project blog redesign!
  • Dance focus: Refining Samba and Jive routines

This week’s links:

Great, that felt productive! Tomorrow I’m going to Six Flags. Yay!

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books, games and life

My undergrad student life is coming to an end next year, and I’ve going through some thoughtful phases. I’ve been swamped a lot of academic articles, critiques, and such texts for school lately, but I’ve picked up some other readings for my personal enjoyment too. These books have been helping me cope with the intensity of being an anxious 20-something::


I usually carry one of these day-to-day! They’re not really epic novels or self-help texts, but I highly recommend books like these for light reading and a little introspection. If anyone’s interested in what’s been on my mind lately, here’s the list:

  • Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  • How to be Interesting by Jessica Hagy
  • The Last Girlfriend on Earth by Simon Rich
  • Dancers Among Us: A Celebration of Joy in the Everyday by Jordan Matter
  • The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Volume 1 by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Volume 2 by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • Rick Steves’ Paris 2013 by Rick Steves
  • The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing by Singer

I’m relearning and picking up my years of basic high school French again, because of my current goal to travel to a certain place next year… 🙂

Here’s some other stuff: my preordered Wind Waker HD bundle came in last week, and I’m enjoying it a lot. Ate delicious meat at a restaurant, and went on an outing to a lake.



super shiny!



cook your own meat, mmm



a warm day at the lake

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many projects and games games games

The theme of this semester is games, games, games! I’ve been doing a lot of game related things in the past couple of months, both for academics and for my personal de-stressing time.

So, here’s a list of all the projects I’ve done and am still working on!


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