happy autumn! & project announcement!

Autumn is my favorite time of year! It’s been a good past month to attend a lot of events and enjoy the transition into fall.


We went to San Francisco a few weeks ago to watch the Blue Angels during fleet week. I wanted to visit a place I’ve been eyeing for a while (La Marais Bakery), because I heard about their delicious french desserts – I tried a nutella creampuff and it was amazing…


Wearing a handmade dress to match SF!


We went to Berkeley this past weekend to attend and photograph a beginner ballroom dancesport event. It was a lot of fun to see newcomers enjoying themselves. We got to dance just a little bit, too.


While in downtown, we checked out this dessert place for delicious taiyaki with black sesame ice cream… it was pretty delicious.


Later that night, we attended SJSU School of Music and Dance’s first annual Kaleidoscope event! My cousin performed as a pianist for one of the acts. Overall, it was an ah-may-zing show!

So, I’ve been having a lot of fun lately- attending shows, trying out all the food, attending new/familiar events, keeping up my physical health, dancing, staying in touch with good people and colleagues, being in a great career, seeing new sights in familiar places in the Bay Area. I’ve even recollected some materials to bring back sewing and crafts into my time again. The past year has been really good to me, and I’m really grateful for where I am now. Because one year ago, that was certainly not the case.

Autumn is really important time of year to me. It’s been almost a year since I underwent a major change, closing a new chapter and starting a new one.

In the past year, I’ve discovered how fulfilled I felt working in the tech sector of the nonprofit world and contributing towards an international cause. For the first time, I feel like I’ve finally arrived at a working environment and mission that’s right for me. An article on Medium.com that recently went viral dredged up some sudden memories from last year, and I’ve been reflecting a lot on that experience lately. Too  much of the article hit home and were eerily similar to what I experienced and observed. A friend told me a while ago that I was basically coping with post-trauma. I’ll be finally ready to share that story soon.

At the same time, I’ve been inspired by positive friends, family, colleagues, podcasts, and media to try some projects and have a little bit of fun, with a little bit of challenge and and a little bit of vulnerability. Not sure how things will go, but figured I might try this!

Inspired by a few things and itching to do more things outside of work and dance, I’m excited and nervous to share:

1. An experimental podcast project, featuring friends and colleagues in the arts/tech/creative industries
2. A writeup about my transition from startups to nonprofits

I’ve been listening to a lot of excellent podcasts lately, in genres ranging from comics to coding to fiction. After mulling it over and planning it out through September with ideas, I decided to try it out as an experiment, and have asked a few initial people about it. I have a list of people in mind, and have already asked a few. Microphone and the rest of the equipment is basically ready to go- it’s just taking the first step that’s the hardest! I hope to be a better speaker and a better listener through this journey. More details to come later!

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disneyland: 60th anniversary celebration trip!

This is a very delayed post, but I wanted to finally upload and write about a great summer trip I had not too long after FanimeCon, especially after seeing a lot of friends posting about Disneyland lately. In between all the dancing, training, working, and adult-ing throughout the semester, we finally had a vacation to check out Disneyland for the 60th Anniversary Celebration!!


(The following photos are a combination of DSLR and smartphone pics…)


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hello fall!

I keep telling myself to write and post some things every now and then, but I always keep it on the backburner! There are so many awesome projects I want to finish up and am really excited to show…

This summer was really eventful, and kind of life-changing. Well, I think everyday brings some life-changing moment, but the past few months after graduation have been an especially intense experience and reflection on my post-grad life. I enjoyed every second of it.


I had the amazing opportunity to teach at a summer innovation camp. I have a ridiculous amount of stories, emotions, moments, and challenges that I could go on and on about forever… but all I can say it was one of the funnest, most incredible life-changing experiences I’ve ever had (just a little under Learning How to Dance)! I feel that I came out of the summer maybe, slightly, partly, totally, a different person. Picked up a whole set of techniques and bag of tricks to use in my dance classes as well. I’m still learning everyday, but I feel really confident and happy getting to teach the things I really enjoy and care about.

Some photos taken a bit before the spring semester ended:






A few weeks ago, my cousin and I took a trip to Napa. It was my first time going there for wine tasting!








He has this thing where he’s extremely photogenic and enjoys dressing really well on any outing we have, and it totally inspires me to step up my photography/fashion game as well, heh.






Often throughout the summer, I’ve been using the time I suddenly acquired to keep busy and indulge in personal moments. This includes going to my favorite coffee shop, doing a whole lot of reading (been catching up on my favorite series, and it’s been so long!!), a whole lot of running, drawing, writing, movie-watching, comic-booking, resume-ing…



I wish I could have added “a whole lot of blogging” to that list.

Fall is coming really soon. I’ve been kicking myself into gear in all the things I want to do and be, now that I have a lot more time and responsibility to do so! More updates and things to come soon!

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star wars exhibit in san jose

I went to the Tech Museum earlier this month to see the Star Wars exhibit. Here are a few photos I took!










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end of semester and holiday stuff

I sewed this dress (my first handmade dress!) sometime in September, but I haven’t been able to post an image of it until now. Here it is!



Fall looks wonderful on our school campus.


A photo of the gifts I prepared for some people for Christmas. My wallet hurts, but I’m proud of my handiwork.

Christmas in the Park!



Downtown Ice Skating Rink

Downtown San Jose

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