new web projects!


I’ve been working on another redesign for, and I’m pretty excited to share it! I don’t like the way things were coded on it from last year, and parts of it are actually still unfinished/unrealized. I’m also trying to keep up with web standards, and figuring out cleaner and better methods in the overall design process. Bootstrap was a good start, but I’ve been researching and looking at a few different frameworks, as well as other CMS options.

I’m in the middle of getting wireframes done, and browser prototyping will start soon. Feeling a little noobish, as I’ve already gained a few lessons learned from this!

The wireframe!

Early sketches for an overhaul of this blog are in the works, too! This theme was hand made like… geez, 6 years ago? It’s due for a SERIOUS update, since my knowledge has definitely grown a bit, and this blog needs a few basic blog necessities like mobile responsiveness and other fun things I want to try in CSS.

There’s one more big project I’m looking forward to sharing by the end of summer- a collaboration that will be a little bit more public and business-y! Stay tuned!

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senior show – update soon!

Bigger blog post, some pictures, and a playable link to my project coming soon!

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senior year – BFA gallery show

Project BFA Senior Show is go! I’m super excited about this- more details and a new website to come later…

#motivation #narrative #interactivity #installation

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preview: bedroom

Here’s a preview/image still from an upcoming small project for my digital video class:


lol ok, it’s a picture of dresses in my closet and it’s not very exciting. It’s my first time using a DSLR for filming anything and I have much to learn and practice, but I’m looking forward to getting better with it!

Video coming tomorrow!

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summer days

Hello! I really wish I could remember to post more often. I’m thinking the site needs a major design overhaul, too.

Anyway, I never got a chance to post up my projects since the end of the semester. So here’s some of my finished work from a couple months ago!

My final project in one of my advanced projects classes: A light-up acrylic robot, designed then cut with a CNC Laser. It was my first time using different processes and a CNC machine to build something like this. It took quite a bit of trial and error, but I learned a lot, so I think I was fairly successful.

The blue one is my favorite! =)

Tron Memory Disk
A group project! We built a “Tron Memory Disk” (lol) that actually has a space in the middle for projecting video.

Here is a clip of us testing it, so you can see how it looks:

I’ve been playing with the vacuum former on campus and basically smashing my stuffed animals into molds. The result: a 5-foot-ish tall curtain of deformed plastic stuffed animal forms. It will eventually be hosting in a gallery setting sometime in the beginning of the Fall semester, so I hope to have nicer photos of this later.

Fun video of the squishing process:

It still needs a title.

Summer break has been good to me, although still kind of hectic at times. I’m enjoying both of my internships/jobs a lot, though! For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m doing work that’s really important to me. Hoping I can continue to hold on to this feeling after I graduate.

Besides work and projects, I am also making sure to spend my vacation time for myself and my loved ones.

We call this, “Cousin bonding time.”

subZERO festival in San Jose

Great America

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