disneyland: 60th anniversary celebration trip!

This is a very delayed post, but I wanted to finally upload and write about a great summer trip I had not too long after FanimeCon, especially after seeing a lot of friends posting about Disneyland lately. In between all the dancing, training, working, and adult-ing throughout the semester, we finally had a vacation to check out Disneyland for the 60th Anniversary Celebration!!


(The following photos are a combination of DSLR and smartphone pics…)


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hello fall!

I keep telling myself to write and post some things every now and then, but I always keep it on the backburner! There are so many awesome projects I want to finish up and am really excited to show…

This summer was really eventful, and kind of life-changing. Well, I think everyday brings some life-changing moment, but the past few months after graduation have been an especially intense experience and reflection on my post-grad life. I enjoyed every second of it.


I had the amazing opportunity to teach at a summer innovation camp. I have a ridiculous amount of stories, emotions, moments, and challenges that I could go on and on about forever… but all I can say it was one of the funnest, most incredible life-changing experiences I’ve ever had (just a little under Learning How to Dance)! I feel that I came out of the summer maybe, slightly, partly, totally, a different person. Picked up a whole set of techniques and bag of tricks to use in my dance classes as well. I’m still learning everyday, but I feel really confident and happy getting to teach the things I really enjoy and care about.

Some photos taken a bit before the spring semester ended:






A few weeks ago, my cousin and I took a trip to Napa. It was my first time going there for wine tasting!








He has this thing where he’s extremely photogenic and enjoys dressing really well on any outing we have, and it totally inspires me to step up my photography/fashion game as well, heh.






Often throughout the summer, I’ve been using the time I suddenly acquired to keep busy and indulge in personal moments. This includes going to my favorite coffee shop, doing a whole lot of reading (been catching up on my favorite series, and it’s been so long!!), a whole lot of running, drawing, writing, movie-watching, comic-booking, resume-ing…



I wish I could have added “a whole lot of blogging” to that list.

Fall is coming really soon. I’ve been kicking myself into gear in all the things I want to do and be, now that I have a lot more time and responsibility to do so! More updates and things to come soon!

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post-summer plans

It’s been an eventful summer, but I’m back to being busy for school, work, and other responsibilities for my last year of college, yikes! Did some exercise, kept busy with gaming, took a few photos, went to a couple of jazz/swing concerts, and ate good food with good company.




wow, those watermarks are kinda ugly. need to fix that for next time!

My website went through some technical issues a couple of months ago, but hopefully that’s all sorted out by now. My plan is to keep up with the regular posting (again…), especially for this year, since I have some upcoming projects and other exciting things look forward to. I’m currently taking an online class about… online media (hah!), and I’d like to be better about documenting things. Also, it’s my last year at state and all, so I think it’ll be a good habit to keep.

Hope to share more stuff soon!

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family time

I’ve been busy with a lot of work and haven’t had time to post stuff! Classes start next week and running 2 internships over the summer has been kind of chaotic, but I think I’ve been handling things pretty well so far. Besides work over the summer, spending a little time with my cousin has helped me relax and get back into a little portrait photography. I realized that I haven’t been taking a lot of photos lately, so he helped me out a bit!

Anyway, Anton is quite photogenic and makes a pretty good male model. Also, he’s a very talented pianist! You can check out his blog here.


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summer days

Hello! I really wish I could remember to post more often. I’m thinking the site needs a major design overhaul, too.

Anyway, I never got a chance to post up my projects since the end of the semester. So here’s some of my finished work from a couple months ago!

My final project in one of my advanced projects classes: A light-up acrylic robot, designed then cut with a CNC Laser. It was my first time using different processes and a CNC machine to build something like this. It took quite a bit of trial and error, but I learned a lot, so I think I was fairly successful.

The blue one is my favorite! =)

Tron Memory Disk
A group project! We built a “Tron Memory Disk” (lol) that actually has a space in the middle for projecting video.

Here is a clip of us testing it, so you can see how it looks:

I’ve been playing with the vacuum former on campus and basically smashing my stuffed animals into molds. The result: a 5-foot-ish tall curtain of deformed plastic stuffed animal forms. It will eventually be hosting in a gallery setting sometime in the beginning of the Fall semester, so I hope to have nicer photos of this later.

Fun video of the squishing process:

It still needs a title.

Summer break has been good to me, although still kind of hectic at times. I’m enjoying both of my internships/jobs a lot, though! For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m doing work that’s really important to me. Hoping I can continue to hold on to this feeling after I graduate.

Besides work and projects, I am also making sure to spend my vacation time for myself and my loved ones.

We call this, “Cousin bonding time.”

subZERO festival in San Jose

Great America

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