happy holidays!

The holidays are my FAVORITE time of year!! I’ve been rushing to get Christmas gifts done lately, packing for Disneyworld,  adjusting and transitioning between some major changes.

I had the opportunity the last couple of weeks to reconnect with past teachers, old colleagues, friends, and family. We conversed about career topics, adult life, about grounding myself in the present, learning from the past, and moving forward to a brighter future. 2015 was a tough year due to some personal situations, but things completely turned around and become awesome, thanks to so much support from loved ones and personal hard work. I’m so excited to start the next year in a new and better place, and am extremely grateful for all the learning opportunities and important people along the way!

It’s about a month overdue, but I wanted to report and share an awesome event that happened a month ago: November 14th was SJSU Dancesport Team‘s 2nd Annual Spartan Invitational! Competitors from Berkeley, Stanford, and many other local schools and communities participated. The competition was very successful, very well run, and very fun!! Very proud of my collegiate dancesport team!


Our regal ballroom squad






Our awesome coach who kicks our butt!!! Hair and makeup by her!


Our sparkly and fiesty latin squad


Samba round

My partner and I are excited to continue working hard with our coach, overhaul a few things, move up a level, and start off the new year with a bang. I’m hesitant to give away too many details, but I’ll say… our new routines are challenging, but pretty exciting!

Anyway, I’m packing and getting ready to leave for our trip to Disneyworld this week (so excited, first time). I was inspired by a colleague to create a travel video, so expect a ton of media and updates later!



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video: brandadon 2015

Back in April, we made a surprise birthday rap video for my dance partner. It makes no sense and is probably the most ridiculous project I’ve ever done, but it’s fun to watch and was even more fun to make.


We had a crew of friends (all beloved ballroom dance team members) transformed, choreographed and organized to become the ultimate hood rap crew.


Showcasing the highlights of my Adobe Premiere Pro proficiency and videographic aptitude (lol), I present to you, Brandadon 2015:

Rap by Shaq. Direction by Total. Shooting/editing by me.

(realized I forgot to add watermarks to my images!)

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video: sjsu dancesport 2015 movie

Over the past and current semester, my dance partner and I had the opportunity to create a short film highlighting the San Jose State Ballroom Dancesport Team. Check it out!

Thank you to all members of the Bay Area dancesport community. A couple more video projects to come soon!

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fanime 2014 and post-grad life

Every year, I get a chance to be part of the awesome Black and White Ball staff at FanimeCon in downtown San Jose!

There were lots of fun moments teaching, meeting new people, doing shenanigans on stage, and overall having a great time with friends throughout the weekend. My dance partner and I got a chance to perform at the Black & White Ball, and here’s a clip:

So… I graduated last Thursday! With all the constant activity and craziness happening immediately after graduation, I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and process/reflect on things. I have another teaching-related summer gig coming up which I’m extremely excited for, so I’ll still be keeping busy.

Now to experience what the rest of post-grad life will give me!

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happy halloween – an update!

So many things on my blog are broken/outdated/out-of-place and I really need to update the theme! I keep telling myself that, but I’ve yet to do it after several years, hah… in the meantime, here’s some stuff from the past month or so.

My first attempt at learning Adobe After Effects. It’s a one minute visual composition of one of my favorite poems, “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop. I’ve been using this poem since freshman year of college in several different projects, writings, analyses, etc. and I’m not sure why I’m so attached to it. ANYWAY, I think it took me waay too long for me to finish a 1 minute project. I have an extreme love/hate relationship with new software, but it’s all about getting over the hump of learning the workspace for me. Video work is very interesting, but I still have a long way to go.


I’m working on a silly new design. I really am.

At a restaurant downtown




Walks home in my city.

I looked back at my entries from way back in high school, and I wrote so much and shared a lot more about myself back then. Had a strong network of other bloggers going, too. I really, really want to post more personal content and writing, but I’m conflicted by this boundary of sharing too much vs. too little of myself. Social media is so interesting and fun, but it’s so easy to get myself caught up in it! (Hence why I deleted my Tumblr, because of reasons.) I want to get over that mental block and put myself out there a little bit more, maybe even start posting some of my academic writings.

In the meantime, while I’m slowly updating and fixing everything, you can check out these links:

  • Here’s my Twitter: @chibi_m
  • Here’s my Instagram: @chibi_m7
  • Here’s my Flickr (severely lacking in updates): chibi_m

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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