coding journey: new wordpress design!

In the past few months, I’ve been in a positive headspace and feeling pretty stress-free, so I’ve been making more time and energy for personal projects- like this! After 6 years with my severely outdated, poorly coded, first attempt at making a WordPress theme, I finally updated my blog with a new design! Well, I took inspiration from the last and basically used the same color scheme, but the backbone and foundation of this theme is completely different, and should be (hopefully) more user-friendly going forward!

Brainstorm sketches ranging from years ago to last month:

20160818_233657 20160915_134352
20160915_151038 20160915_151030

It looks like I know what I’m doing, but a lot of the time I kind of don’t

This was my first successful-ish attempt at using Bourbon, Neat, Compass/SASS. Setting them up was a pain, but I’m glad I finally have them in my toolkit going forward. I barely scratched the surface in utilizing their full potential, but I hope to learn about them more and push myself a bit for the next project.

Some highlights and personal wins during the process:

  • Rounded corners are actually just a line or two of CSS, and no longer some embarrassing puzzle-piece images hacked together with overly complicated divs…
  • CSS animations at the top: blinking stars!
  • It can actually somewhat fit on a mobile screen -_-
  • StackOverflow having an answer to even the most inane of my questions

I know it’s bad form to “launch” without properly finishing everything 100% to a tee, but since I was so excited about this personal project, I wanted to push it out and talk about this right away! My coding got a little lazy towards the end. A lot of details here are still messy and buggy, so I’m still continuing to work on smoothing out a few responsive related things and design tweaks. I still feel like I’m trying catch up on the latest technologies and skills needed for the web standards used today, but I enjoy the process and was glad I was able to accomplish at least this much- I didn’t lose as much knowledge as I thought!

Personal projects and watching Cowboy Bebop when I get home from work… here’s a peek at my desk! 🙂 #personal #blog #webdesign #home #battlestation #desk

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weekly review july 15th – theme: rebuilding digital-dust

Inspired by a podcast from a developer who open-sourced weekly goals for herself and her projects, I wanted to start up a weekly review series on my blog! There’s a lot of stuff I’m hoping to finish and release by the end of summer, and I’m hoping maybe sharing some of these goals consistently will help keep the inspiration and motivation going.

This week’s theme: rebuilding


  • Project Browser prototyping
  • Project Color scheme/fonts
  • Blog post: “Pace Gallery”
  • Dance focus: Samba and Jive technique
  • Dance focus: Conditioning, trying not to die

Next week’s theme: finishing & preparing for dance competition


  • Project Finish design/images
  • Project Finish uploading content
  • Project Launch!
  • Blog post: “sketches and screenshots”
  • Start new project: Project Bear!
  • Start new project: Project blog redesign!
  • Dance focus: Refining Samba and Jive routines

This week’s links:

Great, that felt productive! Tomorrow I’m going to Six Flags. Yay!

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new web projects!


I’ve been working on another redesign for, and I’m pretty excited to share it! I don’t like the way things were coded on it from last year, and parts of it are actually still unfinished/unrealized. I’m also trying to keep up with web standards, and figuring out cleaner and better methods in the overall design process. Bootstrap was a good start, but I’ve been researching and looking at a few different frameworks, as well as other CMS options.

I’m in the middle of getting wireframes done, and browser prototyping will start soon. Feeling a little noobish, as I’ve already gained a few lessons learned from this!

The wireframe!

Early sketches for an overhaul of this blog are in the works, too! This theme was hand made like… geez, 6 years ago? It’s due for a SERIOUS update, since my knowledge has definitely grown a bit, and this blog needs a few basic blog necessities like mobile responsiveness and other fun things I want to try in CSS.

There’s one more big project I’m looking forward to sharing by the end of summer- a collaboration that will be a little bit more public and business-y! Stay tuned!

July 2, 2016 - 2:13 am | Comments portfolio site in progress

It’s been long overdue, but I’m finally in the middle of building my new site at right now! 🙂 in progress

I’m very excited to share some recent and relevant work, as I haven’t completely built a proper online portfolio yet. It’s also been a while since I’ve hand-coded a larger project from scratch, so it’s been a great way for me to keep up with current web best practices and technologies I’ve been rusty on.

Stay tuned for more updates in the next couple of weeks. =D

September 23, 2015 - 11:42 am | 1 Comment redesign

I recently had the opportunity to work on a web project for an awesome local Bay Area ballroom supply store, and redesign and setup a new eCommerce website for Feather Dance Shoes.

Feather Dance Shoes

The official site launch is today- and for fellow dancers looking for a good deal on shoes and inventory, Feather Dance Shoes is offering free shipping in the US with code newfeather on the site for a limited time!

eCommerce sites are very tricky projects. I hope to continue working on more tasks like these to hone my development skills!

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